Welcome to News/Talk 1230 AM K-CUP

By popular demand, News/Talk on K-CUP 1230 AM Radio is back!
By your request: 24 hours a day, 365 Days a Year.


streaming live @ bossradio.net

Meet Liberty "Be Happy" BOSS Radio Wonder DogKCUP does not live stream some programs including OREGON SPORTS and SEAHAWKS FOOTBALL. If we are not streaming please go directly to that program’s website for access to streaming audio.

The Lifestyles on the Central Oregon Coast… NewsTalk 1230AM KCUP

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7 thoughts on “Welcome to News/Talk 1230 AM K-CUP”

    1. What happened to your 1230 AM ttalk show format? Since Feb.29th, all I hear on the radio is music. I particularly miss Thom Hartman’s show. I do not have satelight radio for either car or home.

      1. Thank you for listening. Unfortunately due to recent high winds the satellite dish that broadcasts our K-CUP Live Stream has been knocked out of alignment. Repairs are in progress but it will be a couple of weeks until they are completed and K-CUP is back up. Until then the BOSS 100.7 Live Stream will be run on both channels. Thank you for your patience.

  1. Your webpage is a total waste of time. You can;t hear podcasts of individual shows like you used to have each one linked. You obviously don’t read your questions as barry watt asked about a specific show and you referred him to the general listening button. You guys suck. Why I will never listen again

    1. Not all shows that are broadcast on 1230 AM K-CUP are set up as podcasts. Most of our shows are syndicated and to do so would be in violation of the copyright laws of the United States that protect intellectual property. At this time only “HOT TOPICS” with Cheryl Harle and “Finding Health and Happiness in Today’s world” with Marc Courtenay are being posted as podcasts. These can be located using the left hand menu column under “PODCASTS”. The different shows are available in separate sections just below the main PODCAST button. Shows such as Mark Jones’ can only be listened to live at present.
      We are sorry for any confusion you may have experienced.

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The Lifestyles on the Central Oregon Coast… NewsTalk 1230AM KCUP